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5-AXIS MACHINING CENTERS DECKEL MAHO DMC200U SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOLLOWING, WE OFFER FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Used 2003 DMG MORI DECKEL MAHO DMC200U Gantry Style 5-Axis UMC w/2 Pallets: *May be inspected in US plant under power by appointment* Machine was built at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten in Germany This machine is capable of simultaneous 5-axis and 5-sided machining because of the universal swivel head which moves continuously between vertical and horizontal spindle positions with a controlled A-axis SIEMENS 840D Powerline control with electronic handwheel -WORKING RANGE- -WORKING TABLE (2 x T-slot PALLETS) NC ROTARY TABLE- NC rotary table clamping surface    62.99" x 55.12" (1,600 mm x 1,400 mm) -5th AXIS MILLING SPINDLE- NC Controlled A-axis milling head. 2 seconds swivel time Horiz.-Vertical Head swivels from horizontal to vertical & vertical to horizontal position In addition head has a NC Controlled swivel angle from vertical position 0 degrees to the front 30 degrees past horizontal, 10 degrees to the back in the direction of the gantry Z-axis-130 degrees in total  (-10/+120) -MAIN SPINDLE DRIVE- Swivel moment milling spindle (100% duty cycle)    5,554 lb/ft (7,530 Nm) Swivel time from vertical to horizontal & horizontal to vertical    2 sec. Positional uncertainty: P (VDI/DGQ 3441).....................   9 arc sec -FEED DRIVES- -120 POSITION VERTICAL CHAIN STYLE TOOL CHANGER- -COOLANT PUMP- -COOLANT THRU THE SPINDLE- -WEIGHT- Load on machine base including 2 x workpiece weight    83,600 lbs (41.8 to) -EQUIPPED WITH- Automatic pallet changer with 2 pallets total BLUM Laser tool length measuring and broken tool detection RENISHAW MP700 infrared parts measuring probe


ManufacturerDMG MORI
Stock Number064340
Number of axis5-Axis
Tool changer120 ATC
ControlSIEMENS 840D
Spindle10,000 rpm
Spindle taperHSK-A100
X axis70.87" (1,800 mm)
A axis-10 to +120 degrees
Y axis78.74" (2,000 mm)
Z axis43.31" (1,100 mm)
C axis360 x 0.001 degrees
X axis (longitudinal)70.87" (1,800 mm)
Y axis (transverse)78.74" (2,000 mm)
Z axis (vertical)43.31" (1,100 mm)
Volume machining area3,960 dm3
Nc rotary table maximum load7,716 lbs (3,500 kg)
Rotation range of table360 x 0.001 degrees (full 4th axis)
TypeBrushless AC/Digital
Power 40% duty cycle (s3)59 HP (44 kW)
Power 100% duty cycle (s1)42.9 HP (32 kW)
Speed range (spindle)20-10,000 rpm, no gear steps (motor spindle)
Maximum spindle torque212 lb ft (288 Nm)
Spindle bearing diameter front3.94" (100 mm)
Clamping power15 kN
Holding moment (40% duty cycle)6,144 lb/ft (8,330 Nm)
Feed rate0.04-590 IPM (1-15,000 mm/min)
Rapid feed (x-y-z)2,362 IPM-1,574 IPM-1,574 IPM (60-40-40 m/min)
Acceleration (x-y-z)6/4/4 m/s-2
Feed power (x-y-z)15 kN
Ballscrews x/y/z63x30/80x30/63x30 mm
Number of pockets120
Maximum tool weight44 lb (20 kg)
Maximum tool diameter without free pockets4.33" (110 mm)
Maximum tool diameter with free pockets9.05" (230 mm)
Maximum tool length17.72" (450 mm)
Pump output external jets15.85 gallon/minute (60 liter/minute)
Pump pressure external jets21.76 PSI (1.5 bar)
Pump output chip rinsing47.55 gallon/minute (180 liter/minute)
Tank volume238 gallon (900 liter)
Pressure580 PSI (40 bar)
Machine weight with table and pallet changer77,600 lbs (38.8 to)