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5-AXIS MACHINING CENTERS DECKEL MAHO DMF 250 linear SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOLLOWING, WE OFFER FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: One used 2004 DMG DECKEL MAHO DMF 250 linear 5-Axis Machining Center: Machine made in Seebach, Germany -CONTROL- HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 3D path control with electronic handwheel -WORKING RANGE- -FEED DRIVES- Linear path measuring systems resolution    0.00039" (0.001 mm)HH glassscales -COOLING LUBRICANT SUPPLY; (COOLANT OR AIR)- Switch over from cooling lubricant/air, time of nozzles    Approx 10/4 secs -RIGID TABLE- -NC SUB-TABLE (C OR A AXIS)- -SPINDLE- -B-AXIS CONTROLLED SWIVEL MILLING HEAD- The swivelling angle is axially controlled and can be continuously positioned. The position can be hydraulically clamped during machining. Traversing range of spindle nose across table: The swivelling radius of the spindle nose is 12.79" (325 mm) with a minimum vertical position of 2.95" (75 mm) above table. 5-axis machining is possible with the NC sub-table. -30 POSITION TOOL MAGAZINE- -EQUIPPED WITH- HEIDENHAIN infrared parts measuring probe TS 641 BLUM Laser tool measurement system for tool length and diameter. Measurement at nominal speed. Laser mounted on right side of table. Swarf conveyor, discharge height 33.4" (850 mm) Coolant thru the spindle (CTS) with paper type filter: 247 PSI (17 bar) pressure 6.07 gallon/minute (23 liter/minute) flow rate 158 gallon (600 liter) tank Includes rotating clear-view windows on front doors Includes blocking air for linear measuring systems Required air pressure 87.02 psi (6 bar) recirculating roller guide ways Electrical cabinet with heat exchanger longitudinal and shutter-type for the vertical guide ways, inclined surfaces are arranged for the best possible swarf removal APPROXIMATE WEIGHT 54013#


ManufacturerDMG MORI
ModelDECKEL MAHO DMF 250 linear
Stock Number063823
Number of axisFull 5-Axis
Tool changer30 ATC
ControlHH iTNC 530
Spindle18,000 rpm
Spindle taperHSK-A 63
X axis98.42" (2,500 mm)
A axisTable vertical
Y axis36.2" (920 mm)
B axisContinuously positioning plus or minus 90 degrees
Z axis32.28" (820 mm)
C axisTable horizontal
X stroke (longitudinal)98.42" (2,500 mm)
Y stroke (transversal)36.2" (920 mm)
Z stroke (vertical)32.28" (820 mm)
Feed drives x-axisLinear drive in the X-axis
Feed drives y-and z-axisDigitally controlled AC motors
Maximum feed speed x, y and z axis65.6 ft/min (20 m/min)
Rapid traverse speed x-axis328 ft/min (100 m/min)
Rapid traverse speed y and z axis196 ft/min (60 m/min)
Maximum feed force x/y/z axis2,697 lbs (12 kN)
Guide waysRoller guide ways in all linear axes
Linear path measuring systemsDirect, photo-electrical
Temperature compensation z-axisElectronic temperature sensor
SupplyMulti-nozzle unit
Delivery rate10.6 gallon/min at 50.8 psi (40 l/min at 3.5 bar)
Capacity of cooling lubricant tank153 gallon (580 l)
Clamping area27.36" (695 mm) diameter
Table longer as x-axisLeft 15.7" (400 mm) Right 7.87" (200 mm)
Centre distance t-slots3.9" (100 mm)
Width of t-slots0.708" (1 x 18 H7)
Number of additional t-slots0.708" (8 x 18 H12)
Maximum permissible table load6,614 lbs (3,000 kg)
Maximum permissible table load per meter2,205 lbs (1,000 kg/m)
Height from floor to table surface37.87" (962 mm)
Maximum table load horizontal882 lbs (400 kg)
Maximum table load vertical1,102 lbs (500 kg)
Centre height-a axis13.78" (350 mm)
Table height-c axis11.02" (280 mm)
Speed range20-18,000 rpm
TypeAC controlled/digital, liquid cooled coolant circulation
Power 40% dc46.9 hp (35 kW)
Power 100% dc33.5 hp (25 kW)
Maximum spindle torque 40% dc95.88 ft lbs (130 Nm)
Maximum spindle torque 100% dc64.16 ft lbs (87 Nm)
Tool mountingHSK-A63 DIN 69893
Clamping power25 kN
Radius swivel head12.79" (325 mm)
Horizontal spindle centre about table (minimum)15.75" (400 mm)
Vertical positionZ=3D2.95"-35.24" (75-895 mm)
Horizontal/90 degreesZ=3D15.75"-48" (400-1,220 mm)
Tool weight maximum13.23 lb (6 kg)
Max tool diameter without empty pockets5.12" (130 mm)
Max tool diameter with empty pockets3.15" (80 mm)
Max tool length from spindle nose14.17" (360 mm)
Number of pockets30
Max permissible total weight of tools397 lb (180 kg)
Central lubricationautomatic minimum grease lubrication for
Cabinfully protective cabin including roof with sliding doors
Protectionaccording to EU directives, laminated steel covers for the