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5-AXIS MACHINING CENTERS DECKEL MAHO DMC75V linear SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOLLOWING, WE OFFER FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Machine was first installed new in June 2008 May be inspected under power in our Wisconsin showroom by appointment -CONTROL- HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 3-D control with 15" TFT screen & electronic handwheel -WORKING AREA- Max workpiece size approx. 732 mm dia x 600 mm height x 1,000 kg -FEED DRIVES- -MEASURING SYSTEM- Direct, HEIDENHAIN glass scales, input accuracy    3.94" x 10-6 (0.0001 mm) -WORKING SPINDLE- -TOOL CHANGER- -B-AXIS MILLING HEAD- -C-AXIS NC-ROTARY TABLE- Max Table Load at 10 RPM (only for positioning mode)    2,205 lbs. (1,000 kg) -COOLANT UNITS- Pump Capacity/outside Tool Cooling    33.4 PSI (2.3 bar), 5.3gal/min(20l/min) Pump Capacity for Bed Flushing    33.4 PSI (2.3 bar), 26.4gal/min (100l/min) Pump Capacity of COOLANT THRU THE SPINDLE    580 PSI (40 bar), 6.1gal/min -EQUIPPED WITH- BLUM Laser Tool Measuring HEIDENHAIN TS 640 Infrared Parts Measuring Probe Production Package I: Coolant Thru the Spindle form A-D 580 PSI/40 Bar, 6.1gal/min(23l/min) 259 Gallon (980 l) High Pressure Coolant Tank Paper Band Filter Rotating Clear View Window Spray-Gun SIEMENS Linear Drives HEIDENHAIN Inverter Unit Preparation handling system EROWA


ManufacturerDMG MORI
ModelDECKEL MAHO DMC75V linear
Stock Number064384
Number of axis5-Axis
Tool changer30 ATC
ControlHH iTNC 530
Spindle18,000 rpm
Spindle taperHSK-A63
X axis34.8" (885 mm)
Y axis23.6" (600 mm)
B axis+10/-110 degrees
Z axis23.6" (600 mm)
C axis360 x 0.001 degrees
One used 2006/8 dmg mori deckel maho dmc75v linear 5-axis simultaneous vmcMachine was manufactured at DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH-Seebach, Germany
X-axis34.8" (885 mm)
Y-axis23.6" (600 mm)
Z-axis23.6" (600 mm)
Feed force x,y max2,475 lbs (11,000 N)
Feed force z max2,137 lbs (9,500 N)
Feed range0.04-3,543 IPM (1-90,000 mm/min)
Rapid traverse x, y, z-axis3,543 IPM (90 m/min)
Speed range, max20-18,000 RPM
Power rating 40% dc61.7 HP (46 kW)
Power rating 100% dc47 HP (35 kW)
Torque 40% dc59 Ft/Lbs (80 Nm)
Torque 100% dc44.3 Ft/Lbs (60 Nm)
Tool taperHSK-A63
Tool clamping moment4.05-5,175 lbs (18,000-23,000 N)
Tool magazine number of pockets30
Max. tool length11.8"
Max. tool diameter3.1"/5.5"
Chip-to-chip timeApproximately 6 seconds
Pivoting range b-axis+10/-110 Degrees
Maximum turning acceleration3,200 degrees per second-2
Maximum turning speed100 RPM
Maximum turning torque (clamping opened)1,500 Nm
Rated load torque (clamping opened)1,000 Nm
Clamping moment (hydraulic clamping)885 Ft/Lbs (1,200 Nm)
Clamping area with t-slots din 650-1429.5" (750 mm)
Loading height (upper edge of table)35.4" (900 mm)
Maximum height of work piece23.6" (600 mm)
Rotary range of c-axis360 degrees
Clamping moment (hydraulically clamped)3,000 Nm
Maximum table load at 100 rpm1,764 lbs. (800 kg)