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5-AXIS MACHINING CENTERS DMG-DMC60T RS3 SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOLLOWING, WE OFFER FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: 2005 DMG DECKEL MAHO DMC60T RS3 5-AXIS UNIVERSAL MACHINING CNTR WITH 5 PALLETS: Made in Pfronten, Germany -WORKING RANGE- Max workpiece dims    23.62"(600mm)diameter,22.64"(575mm)height,882lbs(400kg) -RS3 ROTARY PALLET CHANGER WITH INTEGRATED NC ROTARY TABLE (C-AXIS)- -Stable compact construction with optimal linkage to guideway (Y-Axis) -NC rotary table with direct measuring system -Backlash-free preloaded precision spur gear for high rigidity, precision and high torque, maximum holding momentum in closed loop -High rapid feed rate -Pallet changer allows setup parallel to production time -SWIVEL MILLING HEAD WITH PROGRAMMABLE B-AXIS- -Integrated 24,000 rpm motor spindle -High pressure coolant supply centrally through spindle centre (30 degrees past horizontal,horizontal,vertical,30 degrees past vertical) 150 degree swivel range allows UNDERCUTS and machining at NEGATIVE ANGLES due to the swivel range of 30 degrees across the horizontal or vertical axis.This gives you advanced flexibility for complex parts like impellers. Swivel momentum milling spindle (40% duty cycle)    1,620 ft lbs (2,200 Nm) Holding momentum without clamping (40% duty cycle)    1,438 ft lbs (1,950 Nm) Swivelling time of the head from horizontal-vertical & vice versa    1.5 secs -INTEGRATED MOTOR SPINDLE- -FEED DRIVES- Ball Screw Spindle X/Y/Z    1.57"x0.8" (40x20 mm) X&Y,1.97"x0.8"(50x20mm) Z -120 POSITION VERTICAL CHAIN AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER- Tool change time    Approximately 0.8 seconds, double gripper tool changer Chip-to-chip time    Approximately 4 seconds vertical, 10 seconds horizontal -EXTERNAL COOLANT SUPPLY ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE SPINDLE- -PRODUCTION PACKAGE- -238 gallon (900 l) coolant unit capacity -Automatic paperband filter cleaning with fine filtering of the complete emulsion to less than 50 um -Cleaning of the spindle taper HSK-A63 by spindle air blast for high permanent precision also for cleaning with frequent tool changes -580 PSI (40 bar) 6 gallon/min (23 l/min) coolant thru the spindle centre -Rotating clear-view window in cabin pane -Chip flushing inside work cabin -Chip conveyor (scraper flight conveyor) -MACHINE IS EQUIPPED WITH- Heidenhain iTNC530 3D Contouring CNC Control with: -Electronic handwheel -2nd processor card with Windows 2000 -OMAT Adaptive control for automatic feed rate adjustments -Application Tuning Cycle ATC Heidenhain infrared parts measuring probe BLUM Laser tool length and diameter measuring, horizontal/vertical Cooling by air blast through spindle centre, selected with M-function Spray pistol with pump Multi input transformer Heidenhain glass scales direct measuring system X/Y/Z Axes Heidenhain rotary encoders direct measuring system B/C Axes External coolant nozzles on outside of spindle air/coolant selectable Automatic switch-off of positive air pressure for the main spindle after work end Linear roller guideways and digital drives. Stability and high precision are ensured with roller guideways with over-dimensioned distances between the guideways.  The table centre of gravity moves in between the vertical guideways (Z-Axis). Electronic temperature compensation Spindle chiller Available books and manuals Full enclosure of machining area for safety and noise reduction Sensitive machine parts (measuring systems, limit switches, guide-ways, drives) are seperate from the machining area Rotary Pallet Storage RS3 including 3 pallets Oil and emulsion mist separator electrostatic filter Minimum lubrication Laminated Safety Glass for window in cabin door Clamping hydraulics working table and set-up station for hydraulic clamping devices


ManufacturerDMG MORI
Stock Number063992
Number of axis5-Axis
Tool changer120 ATC
ControlHH TNC 530
Spindle24,000 rpm
Spindle taperHSK-A63
X axis30.71" (780 mm)
Y axis22.05" (560 mm)
B axis-120/+30 degrees
Z axis22.05" (560 mm)
C axis360 x 0.001 degrees
Traverse range x (longitudinal)30.71" (780 mm)
Traverse range y (transverse)22.05" (560 mm)
Traverse range z (vertical)22.05" (560 mm)
Volume machining area245 dm-3
Rotation range360 x 0.001 degree (Full 4th Axis)
Clamping surface19.7" x 24.8" (500 mm x 630 mm)
Number of pallets5 total (4 in changer, 1 in the machining cabin)
Maximum table load880 lbs (400 kg)
Centre bush2" (50 mm) diameter
Torque 40% duty cycle1,807 ft lbs (2,450 Nm)
Holding momentum 40%1,807 ft lbs (2,450 Nm)
Maximum feed7,200 degrees per minute
Maximum table speed30 rpm
Positional uncertainty p9 arc seconds
Pallet change timeApproximately 10 seconds
Swivel range150 degrees (-120/+30 degrees)
Holding momentum with clamping2,655 ft lbs (3,600 Nm)
Rapid motion b-axis35 rpm
TypeDigitally controlled
Cooled driveWater
Power 40% ed34.9 hp (26 kW)
Power 100% ed25.5 hp (19 kW)
Spindle speed range24,000 rpm
Acceleration/deceleration 0-24,000 rpm3.5 seconds
Number of gear stepsNone
Spindle torque 40% ed62.7 ft lb (85 Nm)
Spindle torque 100% ed44.2 ft lb (60 Nm)
Clamping power8 kN
Drive cooled x/y/zAir/Air/Water
Feed rate x/y/z590 ipm (15 m/min)
Rapid feed rate x/y/z1,968 ipm (50 m/min)
Maximum feed rate x/y/z1,968 ipm (50 m/min)
Acceleration x/y/z0.6 g IN ALL AXES
Feed power x/y/z7/7.2/10 kN
Magazine pockets120
Maximum tool weight17.64 lbs (8 kg)
Maximum tool diameter without free pockets3.15" (80 mm)
Maximum tool diameter with free pockets6.3" (160 mm)
Maximum tool length12.4" (315 mm)
Pump output10.6 gallon/minute (40 l/min)
Pump pressure22 PSI (1.5 bar)