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VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS HSM 800 SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOLLOWING, WE OFFER FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Used 2011 +GF+ MIKRON HSM 800 HIGH SPEED 4-Axis VMC W/4 STATION AUTO P/C: Machine made in Nidau, Switzerland, inspect in USA plant by appointment Approximately 4,890 original Spindle on hours total HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 CNC Control with Ethernet The portal and the base of this machine are made of polymer concrete (man made granite). This composite offers excellent vibration damping characteristics-approximately 10 times greater than cast iron and significantly better than welded construction. SPECIFICATIONS Max workpiece weight per pallet using the pallet changer    1,764 lbs(800kg) Pallet is made of cast iron with 100 mm row of perforation M12 and a grounded surface. Size 800 mm x 600 mm, high 55 mm. Centering plates and chucking spigots already mounted. EQUIPPED WITH: 60 position automatic tool changer Laser tool measuring Completely enclosed machine enclosure Movable electronic handwheel for control Tool cleaning by air blast Infrared probe for work piece set-up and measurement Spray gun Coolant tank Automatic pallet changer with 4 x pallets Lehmann EA-510.L SWISS MADE full 4th Axis (used perhaps 5 times total) Spindle ID-HSK A63/OD-dia. 80 mm (3.15") Spindle height axis 150 mm (5.9") off base plate Run-out less than 6 microns Load capacity to spindle 400 lbs Spindle clamping torque 810 ft. lbs Motor mounting left, includes 12 ft plug and protective hose rotoFIX RFX.510-SB600a yoke 500, aluminum, including counter-bearing rotoFIX RFX.510-SB600a yoke 600, aluminum, including counter-bearing Vacuum workholding system with 600x800x48mm slot style chuck 63 CFM vacuum unit


Manufacturer+GF+ MIKRON
ModelHSM 800
Stock Number064255
Number of axisFull 4-Axis
Tool changer60 ATC
ControlHH iTNC 530
Spindle36,000 rpm
Spindle taperHSK-E50
X axis31.5" (800 mm)
Y axis23.62" (600 mm)
Z axis19.68" (500 mm)
Machine total weight23,148 lbs (10,500 kg)
X axis travel31.5" (800 mm)
Y axis travel23.62" (600 mm)
Z axis travel19.68" (500 mm)
Maximum feed force (x)1878.75 lbf (8.35 kN)
Maximum feed force (y)1158.75 lbf (5.15 kN)
Maximum feed force (z)900 lbf (4 kN)
Recommended maximum feed rate1,576 in/min (40 m/min)
Rapid traverse (all axes)1,576 in/min (40 m/min)
Pallet surface31.5" x 23.62" (800 mm x 600 mm)
Number of pallets4
Pallet table level40.5" (1,030 mm)
Spindle speed range100-36,000 rpm
Spindle power (40% duty cycle)33.5 hp (25 kW)
Spindle tool clampingHSK-E50
Heidenhain glass scales x/y/z0.000004" (0.1 um) resolution