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5-AXIS MACHINING CENTERS HPM450U SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOLLOWING, WE OFFER FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: ONE USED 2015 +GF+ MIKRON HPM 450U 5-AXIS AUTOMATED MACHINING CENTER: Machine was built in Nidau, Switzerland; first installed new May of 2015 -HISTORY- Has machined entirely aluminum in a Research & Development lab Less than 8,000 documented spindle on hours over the life of the machine -CONTROL- Heidenhain iTNC 530 with Ethernet and electronic handwheel for part setup -WORKING RANGE- -ROTARY TILTING TORQUE MOTOR TABLE- Pallet Version    System 3R Dynafix 280 mm x 280 mm (11.02" x 11.02") Pallets Maximum Weight On Table    150 kg (331 lbs) manual; 90 kg (198 lbs) automatic Automatic Pallet Changer    7 Pallets capacity(No pallets come with machine) Max pallet size possible for this machine    350 mm x 350 mm (13.8" x 13.8") -FEED DRIVES- -STEPTEC SWISS MADE SPINDLE- -60 POSITION TOOL CHANGER- -EQUIPPED WITH- Complete machine enclosure Pallet changer Dynafix 280x280 Spindle chiller Direct measuring system Heidenhain glass scales X/Y/Z, Encoders B,C 60 position tool changer 18-70 bar (261 PSI-1,015 PSI) Coolant Thru The Spindle Paper band micro filter system 650 liter (172 gallon) capacity tank BLUM laser tool measuring of tool length and diameter M&H Infrared Parts Measuring Touch Probe Lift-up Chip Conveyor Spray Gun Beacon Blow-off unit for laser measuring system All feed motors are liquid-cooled Electric oil mist extractor


Manufacturer+GF+ MIKRON
Stock Number064284
Number of axisFull 5-Axis
Tool changer60 ATC
ControlHH iTNC 530
Spindle20,000 rpm
Spindle taperHSK-A63
X axis23.62" (600 mm)
Y axis17.72" (450 mm)
B axis-120/+45 degrees
Z axis17.72" (450 mm)
C axis360 x 0.001 degrees
Longitudinal x-axis23.62" (600 mm)
Transverse y-axis17.72" (450 mm)
Vertical z-axis17.72" (450 mm)
Tilt, b-axis-120/+45 degrees
Rotary, c-axisn x 360 degrees
Feed/rapid speed b-axis50 rpm
Feed/rapid speed c-axis140 rpm
Feed rate x/y/z590 IPM (15 m/min)
Rapid speed x/y/z866 IPM (22 m/min)
Spindle rpm20,000 RPM
Spindle power40.2 HP (30 kW)
Spindle torque67.1 Ft/Lb (91 Nm)
Automatic tool changer60 position